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Studies have shown that dogs can learn over 100 words and gestures, which puts their intelligence and understanding of us on a par with a two year old. However, dogs are much easier to train than a two year old! 10 Most Amazing Facts About Dogs 1. Dogs are as smart as 2-year-old children Though it may not seem like it when you discover a chewed-up sneaker or 2. Dogs can read our emotions When a dog looks at your face, they aren’t always trying to get your attention or beg for 3. Dogs don’t feel 10 Fun Facts about Dogs! 10 When a puppy is born, he is blind, deaf, and toothless!.

10 amazing facts about dogs

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2019-05-20 2013-04-17 A dog’s heart beats way more than a human heart. Dogs’ hearts beat somewhere from 70 to 140 beats each minute. In comparison to a human heart that beats from 70 to 80 beats per minute according to dogtime.com. This is one of the important dog facts to know because abnormal heart rhythm is usually considered a sick dog symptom that means your dog needs medical help as soon as possible 2015-09-20 Here are some fun facts that might help you figure out what your dog is doing or saying with their tail! Logo – Original 10 Amazing Facts About Your Dog’s Tail 2020-11-06 2020-11-14 50 Fascinating Facts About Dogs.

The Doberman is a genuinely new canine breed. The Doberman breed is less than 150 years old.

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· Given their druthers, dogs will poop facing the North -  25 Aug 2020 Some of these facts are funny, some are surprising, but all will make you appreciate the dog in your life even more – if that's possible! 1.

10 amazing facts about dogs

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10 amazing facts about dogs

2. The Newfoundland breed of dog has a water resistant coat and webbed feet. Dogs are fascinating animals with an equally curious history. Knowing more about their origins, their behavior, the science behind their evolution, the development of breeds and how they interact with us are helpful to know, whether we have a dog in the family or not.

10 amazing facts about dogs

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10 amazing facts about dogs

They enjoy spa treatments on the regular. And they own several properties.

A black Labrador named Pep was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing the Pennsylvania Governors cat. The dog was called the Pennsylvania cat-murderer. He was sent to prison and was pictured with an identification number around his neck. This story got very famous in 1924.
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20 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Your Dog. You'll never look at your canine companion the same again. By Alex Daniel. November 20, 2017. By Alex Daniel.

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